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Marshmallow root - Trusted wellness or health tonic

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Most plants of summer-growing marshmallow root grow in tropical and sub-tropical zones of northern asia and central asia or north asia. Various marshmallow root health benefits and medicinal properties have long been claimed and it has been used extensively in herbal medicine (phytotherapy). Marshmallow root is made up of a variety of different minerals and essential oils, including tannins, coumarins and flavonoids, which might also help explain its great benefits. One of the safest and most soothing roots out there, marshmallow root is a trusted and true favorite with all ages. A plant that has been said to act as a natural healer, marshmallow root also has shown a number of other health benefits. It grows naturally throughout the eastern coast of the america, as well as in many parts of eurasia. Its use as a medicinal remedy dates back to the egyptian and roman civilizations, where it was used as a remedial plant. Organic marshmallow root can also be used as a more general health tonic, not only for issues related to inflammation. Some doctors and herbalists advise that it be used for skin and stomach as well, for example. However, before taking marshmallow it's a good idea to first examine what it has been used for in the past.

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Although all health benefits of marshmallow root have not been proven in clinical trials, there have been a number of animal studies that have shown that using marshmallow enhanced recovery rate of wounds in animals. In terms of its remedial power, it has been shown in studies to improve the digestive process, having calming effect on respiratory tract of both men and women. This added to passion flower and damiana can help women become lubricated and achieve orgasm, and can help men maintain an erection, for better sexual performance.

Aside from promoting general health in both men and women, drinking marshmallow root tea can help with other health issues as well. It has been shown to help increase energy levels, control bowel inflammations, and improve asthma symptoms. Many people who suffer from severe cough symptoms over months also claim to find relief with the ingestion of this leaf, as well, perhaps for the same reasons that it helps with other respiratory dysfunction. Although more testing is necessary to determine just how exactly its leaf works and who it is best suited for, at the moment the initial studies have been extremely promising, making this an ideal solution as a healer at home.